Artworks by Aleks Rosenberg, MFA - Yale University

WINNER - Best First Feature Film - ZELIMO

Producer, Aleks Rosenberg

"A story that won't be forgotten"



WINNER - Worldfest Gold Special Jury Award - ZELIMO  Director, Aleks Rosenberg


MY ARTWORK - Over the years, my work has spanned many styles in a singular pursuit of the tall tale compositions open to broad interpretations. I love to hear stories the viewers come up with.


MY PROCESS - At times I work with elements that, at first glance, seem arbitrary and even contradictory. I may start with an idea but no specific end vision. There is no detailed sketch of the final work. It's the handling of the material that brings the idea to life. I treat each piece like a scientific experiment where the work builds upon itself. The accidental discoveries, when I'm working with the various mediums at hand, guide the mechanics of the execution and the final composition of the piece. 


 MY ECLECTIC BACKGROUND - Since I've been engaged in producing some form of artwork all my life, I can claim to be an artist, and, since I've spent over thirty years in the commercial film business as a producer, director, writer, designer,  editor, and cinematographer, I can claim to be a filmmaker. 



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