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Artworks by Aleks Rosenberg, MFA - Yale University

WINNER - Best First Feature Film - ZELIMO

Producer, Aleks Rosenberg

"A story that won't be forgotten"



WINNER - Worldfest Gold Special Jury Award - ZELIMO  Director, Aleks Rosenberg

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I have also spent thirty plus years in the commercial film business as a producer, director, writer, designer, artist, editor, cinematographer, and owner of a film production company.


As an artist I’ve been applying the skills I have learned from motion pictures storytelling language to visual arts.  What I’ve been playing with, especially with the latest maquette dioramas, is creating layers, mystery, and questions to spark a personal story for the viewer.


THE WORK - My work is about telling stories through light, shadow, and color.  The medium I choose determines how much light reveals and how much shadow hides. 


THE PROCESS - Over a period of time I gather discarded parts and materials and organize them by size, shape, and texture. I make rough sketches or collages of an idea and then I work through the process exploring a theme in multiple pieces, usually grouped in a series. While the materials and tools I use can easily be described, I leave the interpretation of the story to the discretion of the viewer.