Yale University - MFA
Pratt Institute - BFA
Brooklyn Museum – Painting


Aleks Rosenberg was born in Central Siberia in 1952 to a Czech mother and Hungarian father, both survivors of Stalin’s infamous gulags. When he was an infant he contracted Cholera forcing the family to move to a warmer climate in Khirgistan.


At age 5 Aleks learned to draw and work with his hands by helping his father design and build simple furniture and toys when they lived on a remote collective farm near Chinese border.  Since the family moved a lot and were always perceived as outsiders, Aleks found his way among new friends by excelling in art. Later, at Pratt Institute, he got hooked on animation and produced two short animated films that went on to win a number of film festival awards and were screened at NY Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Brooklyn Museum.  He is also a recipient of Ford Foundation Grant, Louis B. Mayer Grant, NY Art Directors Club Award and Architectural Design Award. His artwork is in permanent collections at Coca Cola, Pfizer, Nielson, Museum of Contemporary Russian Art and a number of private collections.

At the same time, for over thirty years, Aleks, has been a principal of a number of successful film production companies in New York and Miami with such clients as IBM, AT&T, Bell Labs, American Express, Chevrolet, BMW, Prudential, People Magazine, Pepsi Cola, MTV, CBS, ABC, Sprint, Avon, Marvel, etc.  Aleks has also created animations for such clients as ABC's Emmy winning children's series Animals, Animals, Animals and special effects for feature films and TV specials. He has also directed numerous music videos for such groups as Aerosmith, Foghat, The Ventures special, and Bay City Rollers for clients such as Warner, RCA, Atlantic, CBS, Colombia, etc.

His most recent work is a series of maquette dioramas -  experiments in shape and scale meant to exude monumental quality in viewer’s perception. Scale of the maquettes, when executed in final form, range from 1”=1’ to 1”=5’


Previously he has created series of mixed media- digital paintings titles “Leaving Kansas”- a play on Wizard of Oz. This was an offshoot of series titles ¨Pop Culture¨, a sensually textural experimentation, integrating drawings on paper with digital manipulation portraying the human body as used to promote products on TV, in magazines, and the internet which was just started expanding its promotional powers. Right before that, he created series of “chimerical animals” created for his 6 year old son,  using similar techniques in the digital domain.  All of the digital painting series were designed to be produced commercially on grand scale for our new cathedrals: the shopping malls, corporate HQ´s, sponsored atriums and other public and semi-public spaces.  


Aleks Rosenberg is also an award winning feature film director, producer and writer. His 35mm feature film, Zelimo, has won: “Gold Special Jury Award/ Best First Feature” at the 2002 Worldfest International film Festival;  "Best Production In Feature Film" Award at the 2002 First Annual Made-In-Miami Film Festival and has been selected to open The 2002 Annual Empire IFF, the 2002 Myhelan Film Festival, the 2002 Washington DC Independent Film Festival, San Diego IFF, Sarasota IFF, Ohio IFF, Palm Beach JFF, Mexico IFF, and Miami JFF. Zelimo is available on DVD through Amazon, Netflix and local retailers.

Currently Aleks Rosenberg resides in Florida with his wife and son.


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